What to ask your doctor if you suspect you have low testosterone !

What to ask your doctor if you suspect you have low testosterone !

So what are you supposed to ask your doctor when you make an appointment?

* Tell your doctor of your that you think you might have low testosterone.

*I can tell you that it is not always easy to diagnose the cause of low testosterone.

*Many doctors, although routined and good doctors, sometimes forget this simple thing when men come to them talking about general symptoms like tiredness, fatigue and less sex drive.

*Your doctor’s main concern is to find out if there is a disease causing low testosterone.  Ask your doctor to do a blood test to measure testosterone.

*You can help your doctor by providing a comprehensive medical history.  Ask your doctorwhat he/she thinks what could be the problem.

*Your doctor may request a bone density test because low testosterone levels can make the bones more brittle.

*If the doctor suspects a genetic cause of low testosterone, he or she may request a genetic test. This is a process to examine a person’s DNA. It shows whether the person is at risk of passing a genetic condition to his or her descendants.

*If the doctor diagnoses what is causing low testosterone, it is best to get treatment.

*Hormone replacement therapy may be recommended to make up for low levels of testosterone.

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