Sex Exercise No. 4 – what could that be.?

Sex Exercise No. 4 - what could that be.?

We men always have it in the back of our mind —- the question —   what can I do to improve my overall wellbeing and performance in bed ?

We Icelanders are less sedentary than before, but it in winter it is often difficult to find possibilities to exercise other than going to the gym.  The gym is not for everybody, so we go swimming in the geochemically heated swimming poll found in almost every community.

Since sexual activity can be an act of endurance, long-distance swimming can keep you in shape.  Many of my patients have experience is that swimming for at least 30 minutes three times a week  increases sexual endurance.  In a Harvard study of 160 male and female swimmers, swimmers in their 60s reported sex lives comparable to those in their 40s.

Swimming is also a great activity for weight loss, which can also lead to better sex.

A randomized, single-blind study of 110 obese men with ED found that losing just 10 percent of their body weight improved sexual function in one third of the men. And it’s no secret that losing excess body fat will help attain those six-pack abs and make you more attractive to potential partners. The result: better sex!

Try swimming regularly to improve your sexual technique, endurance, and flexibility. Your spouse will be impressed with th result and, as a side benefit, you’ll get healthier and fitter.

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