More on sex exercise number 1 – Squeeze → Hold → Release

More on sex exercise number 1 - Squeeze → Hold → Release

I was asked by one of my enthusiastic readers -after my last post on Kegel exercises -to elaborate more on practical issues regarding these exercises.

First -you have to know the muscles involved. And secondly you will understand how this works for the benefit of our sex lives.

It’s extremely easy to perform male Kegel exercises. In fact while you are sitting og lying -probably as you are just now- reading you may already have done it a few times.  Sitting on the “bowl”, waiting on traffic lights – it doesn’t matter – anywhere will do.

How does one do Kegel exercises?  First you take in a short breathe, not necessary but I always do it, and then you flex your muscles down south as if you need to hold your pee! Hold it, hold it a while more… then RELEASE! There!  You’ve just consciously done your first Kegel exercise!

When you perform a Kegel exercise, you are involuntarily flexing your pubococcygeus (PC – No! – not you Bill Gates ) muscles.  This will set off series of  actions – all involuntary -one of which will close of your urinary opening, and then re-opening it again after you relax.

The bare essentials !   Squeeze → Hold → Release

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